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Extensive Rug Cleaning Services for Area Rugs and Oriental Rugs

Are your rugs showing dust and are no longer adding charm to your living room or bedroom? We understand that having them you might have had them out for a long time. Therefore, they’ve collected dirt and debris over time. However, this should not worry you because we can change their state through our rug cleaning services.

At Fontana Carpet Cleaning Experts, we come in with a  top-rated rug cleaner capable of removing all the dirt and debris from your rugs. We use the latest cleaning techniques and equipment when cleaning the rugs so that we do thorough work and still maintain the quality of the rugs.

We start by inspecting the rug to determine which cleaning method to use, then dust it to remove any loose dirt and start cleaning with gentle but effective cleaning solutions. Our simple rug cleaning process leaves them looking fresh and new again.

Let us restore the color, look, and feel of your rug through our extensive rug cleaning process. As a fully licensed and insured company, you can ensure your rugs are in safe hands with us.

Contact us today to schedule your rug cleaning service and enjoy the beauty of your clean rugs once again!

Why Do You Need Rug Cleaning Services?

Get Rid of Harmful Allergens and Bacteria

Yes, we agree rugs make your living room beautiful and warmer. However, they also trap bacteria and other particles and can become a breeding space for bacteria which can contribute to you catching asthma and other allergies. Keep your home cleaner and healthier by getting professional rug cleaning. Our experts will offer thorough area and oriental rug cleaning solutions to help you live and breathe in a safe and healthy environment. 

It’s Hygienic

You are being more hygienic by ensuring your rug is cleaned by carpet cleaning companies. Germs can be anywhere, including on the carpet. Get professional cleaning services from experts to ensure every last germ is handled. This way, your kids can play freely, knowing they are safe from germs.

Longer Rug Life

Rugs can be expensive, and if not taken care of, you might need to buy one more often. Sometimes you can use the wrong cleaning tool or detergent on them; therefore, get a company specializing in the carpet cleaning business to avoid the risk. Most know what tools to use, and it’s even best when they have a rug steam cleaner, as it does a good job and increases your carpet’s life!

No Home for Dust Mites and Bedbugs

Dust mites and bedbugs thrive where there is dirt, and carpets and rugs make their perfect home. Your vacuum may not be strong enough to pick them up, and so, you should seek a professional carpet-washing service company to work on your rugs. We will ensure that the rugs are insect-free and safe all year round!

Get Quick Professional Rug Cleaning Service Today in Fontana

Why stay in a house with a dusty and smelly carpet when you can seek professional help to get it cleaned? Let our team of experts work on your carpet and remove all the insects, dust, and allergens and leave it looking more appealing.

With our 25+ years of experience, we have mastered the art of rug cleaning and use advanced equipment and cleaning techniques to get the job done. Our experts work tirelessly to ensure your rug looks as good as new, and you can expect quick and efficient carpet cleaning services from us.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and enjoy a cleaner and healthier living space.